COMA COMMUNICATION Stan Tomandl Coma Communication and Process-oriented facilitators deal with patients, health practitioners, caregivers, and families - Victoria, BC, Canada
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BIOGRAPHY of Stan Tomandl

Stan Tomandl, MA, PWD (Process Work Diplomate) and
Ann Jacob, BA Ed, of Coma Communication and Process Oriented Facilitation, have specialized for over 20 years in working with, researching, and teaching about people in altered consciousness: illness, dementia, traumatic brain injury, coma, grief, and other fragile and strong times in our living and dying. They are instructor and student under the mentorship of Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell at the Process Work Institute Graduate School in Portland, Oregon. Ann and Stan also serve on the faculties of the Sacred Art of Living Center and the Anamcara Project in Bend, Oregon, reside on the Board of ComaCARE in Cape Town, South Africa, and train caregivers around the world.

Ann and Stan have each studied for 60 years in the school of life while ranching, wilderness homesteading, commercial fishing, raising seven children, navigating remote rivers in northern Canada, and now enjoying the wilds of city life. ~ "We are pushed and pulled by spiritual currents to gather people to share in the deepest inner workings of our collective minds and hearts and lives, creating a special atmosphere for the ordinary and the extra ordinary. We find people’s essential inner rivers enriching for those drawn to navigate them, relieving when we take opportunities to join the current, and deeply connecting to ancient and modern mystic traditions that are the living waters found everywhere on this planet."

For more information contact:

Stan Tomandl, MA, PWD ~ Ann Jacob, B. Ed
#502--620 View Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 1J6

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